How to Protect your Identity Online…..


With the increase in use of social media channels like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat it is slightly impossible to hide your identity  from unknown persons.

Cyber criminals are able to access your identity from these source and can harm you online or in real life.

With your information like your mobile no., your address, your date of birth and family connections a criminal can hack into your accounts such as your bank accounts, your cloud storage etc.

Here are some steps to secure your online identity

  1. Do not share your important personal information such as Date of birth, mobile number etc.
  2. Change your passwords alternatively.
  3. Check your Social media privacy setting.
  4. Protect your passwords and make them strong.
  5. Use multiple passwords for multiple accounts.
  6. Check your phone’s privacy setting.
  7. Beware about phishing mails. (to be discuss later)
  8. Do not leave your phone to strangers.
  9. Monitor your news feed regularly.
  10. Regularly check your bank accounts.

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