How to Identify a Fraud or Scammer Website..

Internet is full of websites that are useful, fraud, or scammer. Bad hackers use these websites to steal user information which they use for their profit.

The attacker

  1. May ask for Personal information: Account no., Date of Birth etc.
  2. Appear to be from a legitimate source : Banks. Govt. Agencies etc.
  3. Contain some Discounted offers or giving some prizes etc.
  4. They link to other real websites.

The most common method use by them is Phishing.


Phishing is a type of hacking attack use to steal User information, Login Credential, Bank account information. it occurs when an attacker, pretend to be  as a trusted entity, trick a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message. The recipient is then tricked into clicking a malicious link, which can lead to the installation of malware, the freezing of the system as part of a ransomware attack or the revealing of sensitive information.

Types of Phishing Attack:

  1. An E-mail pretending to be from an Authorized source containing a link asking for personal details.
  2. A message containing same type of links asking for Personal details.
  3. Calls from attacker pretending authorized Person and asking for login credential or password resetting. In case of a organization.

To save yourself from Phishing attack and fraud website here are some simple tricks…

1. Double Check the URL of the website:

  The Original URL looks like this  
  Fake URL may contain some inappropriate words  

2. Check Connection security Indicators: HTTP: or HTTPS:

3. View Certificate Details :


4. Check The reviews of the website on google.

5. Check the quantity of ads on the website.

6. In case of shopping websites check for their Shipping and return policy.

7. In Case of Job websites check their contact us form and double check the details present their.

8. Check for the information they are asking for registration process.

You can also check the status of website on

So above are the some Basic Steps You can Take to Check the Status of a websites if its a fraud or a scammer website.

Thanks for reading.

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